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VR chair 360 motion simulator

Since 2015

VR Chair 360 Motion Simulator

HEROVR’s 1-player 360 VR chair, is a really exciting experience. More than 23 Pcs exclusive games, and exciting roller coaster rides.

 Product Name: Single Player 360 VR Chair Motion Simulator Rides

Players : 1

Voltage / Power : 220V | 2000W

VR Helmet : DPVR E3C ( 2K )

Number of Games : 23pcs

Product Size :2.3*1.3*2.1m

Net Weight :436kg

More than 1,200 VR store owners have chosen to cooperate with HEROVR

We are committed to serving the global consumer and commercial markets through our high-end XR hardware products and advanced cloud XR solutions.

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360 VR Chair Motion Simulator – 1 Player


VR chair 360 motion simulator

Super Thrilling 360 VR Roller Coaster Simulator.360° Rotating, Cool Appearance Design, High Immersion Effects, Accurate motion simulation With High-Quality VR Videos & Interactive games.


Small footprint, suitable for shopping malls, video game cities, VR experience centers, and other places.

VR chair 360




7 x 24 after-sales service

Online Troubleshooting
Repair parts sent by DHL
remote repair
Senior technicians go abroad to install equipment

360 VR Roller Coaster Arcade

Bring the thrill of a roller coaster to your life with the HEROVR Chair 360°. Experience VR like never before with 360-degree panoramic vision and immersive head-tracking technology.

360° rotation icon

VR Chair 360

Ultimate extreme experience VR 360º Motion Chair in the market
shooting iocn

Shooting Handle

Interative For Game. Track the targe by headset , press the joystick to shoot
Ergonomic Design Seat icon

Ergonomic Design Seat

Ergonomically designed seat, pleasant experience Immersive experience brought by virtual reality technology
led light icon

Customizable Logo & Color Led

Can change with legal logo and adjust the color base on customer requirements.
5 in 1 seat belt icon

Five-in-one High Safety Factor Seat Belt

Five-in-one seat belt, bringing you the ultimate experience and ultimate safety.
stop button icon

Emergency Stop Button

The starting point of everything is the safety of customers.

Advanced Features of  VR Chair 360

HEROVR provides professional business solutions to make your amusement business easy and successful!

360 VR
Virtual Reality Experience

360 VR chair for A Super Entertainment Experience! The world’s most compact
and affordable VR Motion Simulator

VR chair 360

360 VR Chair
Roller Coaster Flying Game

HEROVR specially develops a large number of exciting and fun roller coaster games
for the 360 rotating flying game machine

360 VR content

Content Show with
TV Synchronously

Game start by touch screen control pane, 22″ Small control panel 43″ Big screen control panel with AD settable Software developed by HEROVR
Content Show with TV Synchronously

VR Headset

All new DEEPOON E3 VR Headset
with eye-protective LCD screen

DPVR Glasses

Multiple Payment

Standard coin payment method. Compatible with various payment methods, including scanning code, banknotes, credit cards, etc.

Multiple Payment Methods

Easy Operation
Efficient Management

The financial system can clearly count the revenue of merchants. Easy to operate,
and anyone can easily get started.

easy operation

Remotely Update
the Game at Any Time

Continuous update of new games, Update games or movies and system upgrades for you anytime, anywhere to attract more players

Remotely Update the vr Game

Customizable Logo
& Color Adjustment

Can change with legal logo and adjust the color base on customer requirements.
help to raise business sales locally

360 VR chair

360 VR Patent Certificate

HEROVR VR chair 360 flight virtual reality motion simulator patent certificate, exclusive patented development, and design.

Appearance Patent

Patent for 360 VR

Invention Patents

Appearance patent for 360 VR

HEROVR 360 VR Chair Case

HEROVR provides professional business solutions to make your amusement business easy and successful!

Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mr. Svetos rent a space in a shipping center to start his vr business,VR CINEMA 2 SEATS ,the classic model in the market , it suitable for all age ,and more than 100 copyright games .

360VR rotation: this model is very good one for young people ,thrilling Game to attract more traffic.

Westwood Gardens Park,Brazil

All it takes is a small space to start a VR business. The guests found it very novel and interested in these VR devices. I got my money back within a few months. Now I plan to expand my 360 VR experience hall and add more equipment. And bought a few years, the equipment is still very new.

Happy Cooperation

Customer service means making it easy and fast for your customers to get the help they need- when and how they need it.”Customer Service Should Not Be A Department. It Should Be The Entire Company.

Return on investment

What is the investment and return for a bottled water business?


How to develop the right marketing strategy for your VR arcade.


Choose the appropriate VR device according to different application sites.

Plant layout

The professional team design CAD site planning and 3D drawings


HeroVR have professional production line planning to match customized needs

Testing Equipment

The equipment has undergone a 72h non-stop multi-plate test to ensure normal operation.


Arrange low-cost shipping to save your logistic cost.


Technicians remotely guide installation services and on-site installation services.

7 * 24h Service

Professional sales and technical team respond efficiently and provide services 7*24 hours

HERO VR’s Services Always Go Extra Mile

HEROVR will exceed your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring your equipment is delivered on time and meets business needs. Herovr’s goal is to give you peace of mind!

All-in-one turnkey solution
All-round technical service
Win-Win Business Prospects

Herovr is dedicated to taking immersive experiences and your business to the next level.