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VR platformcustomer feedback

Ken Windross

California, USA

Our VR Center park customers like to come to play, the venue is very popular, thanks to HEROVR

5D 7D Cinema customer feedback

Matt Fialkowski

Turin, Italy

The experience of the 5d theater is very good, and the equipment is very reliable.

9d VR customer feedback

Talantbek Zhaanbaev


9D VR egg chair is a very classic product. The combination of egg chair + racing car is very good, very eye-catching, and has a high replay rate.

VR Bear baby Customer feedback

Kirill Migachev

Los Angeles, USA

I came to visit the factory in person, and the salesman showed me their machines and the service was very considerate. The material of the machines is really good, and the picture quality of the game is also very clear. After a period of time, there are after-sales personnel visit the operating status of the machines.

Wissem Azzouni

Bangkok, Thailand

The sales service attitude is very good, and they helped me plan the layout of the venue. The picture is very clear, the workmanship is very fine, and the glasses can be adjusted at will. Wearing it is like entering another world, going deep into it. Customers are queuing up to experience. Cargo status report in real-time.

360 VR customer feedback
4 Player 9d VR customer feedback

Marc Heath

Rome, Italy

After opening the shop, both adults and children like to play, it is very exciting, VR painting sense is real, the sense of substitution is very good, people who have played said that the experience is very good and want to play a second time, the product quality is good, cost-effective, price concessions

Scordo Roberto

Licensed Therapist

It took a while to evaluate. I bought an egg chair and put it in the shopping mall, which is very attractive to customers. Especially small children and young adults. And the quality of the chair is very good, it is luxury leather. The chair space is also large enough for many large people to sit without any problem. There are many types of games, and customers still want to play after playing. I believe I can get back my money soon. And plan to buy more.

VR plane customer feedback
VR Bear baby Customer feedback USA

Diana Mora

Barcelona, Spain

Ya está trabajando en las ferias de Mexico, precio es de 50 pesos por persona/2.5 dlls por persona ,y fin de semana son los mejores días,en la primera semana ganamos 8 mil pesos/ 400 dlls por día , aquí tenemos buen mercado mucha gente, super bien . Gracias a Helena.

FEC Family Entertainment

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