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What WE Do

A Full-Service
VR Equipment Supplier

HEROVR will exceed your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring your VR equipment is delivered on time and meets business needs. Herovr’s goal is to give you peace of mind!

Procurement Planning Scheme Guidance

  1. Site selection. Analyze the most popular site for you, attract more people, and achieve profitability
  2. Technical guidance. Provide comprehensive assistance with installation, maintenance, updates, modifications, etc
  3. Management suggestions. Provide professional advice to help you maximize your manufacturing process and benefits
  4. Provide calculation of investment return rate. To achieve low cost and high income for you.
  5. Maintain openness and cooperation dialogue with customers. Maximizing customer benefits and adhering to a complaint rate of 0%


Operational guidance

  1. Provide you with detailed operation guidance for free, achieving low cost and high return.
  2. Choose a combination of high occupancy and strong stickiness products for you to achieve quick cost recovery.


Site Planning

We provide free VR game machine CAD/3D layout design and promotional design support for your pre-planning. We will customize a set of VR equipment plans to maximize space utilization and achieve profitability for you.


After Sales Service

  1. Provide 7 * 24-hour after-sales service. One-year warranty and lifelong maintenance.
  2. Support remote upgrade, optimization, and repair of VR arcade.
    Online monitoring of faults. When VR equipment is problems, we will assist customers in troubleshooting as soon as possible.
  3. Provide installation VR machine services. Provide installation instructions and videos, as well as online guidance from professional technical personnel. We can provide on-site installation.



Powerful VR Manufacturing Capabilities

From the product’s patented appearance design to the exclusive game content, HEROVR will combine the highest quality materials with the most advanced technology to ensure that the product is both eye-catching and profitable. Encourage your customers to play once and want to experience the second time, and increase the replay rate of the product. All-weather professional technicians provide you with equipment that combines product quality and play experience.


24/7 Engineering Support

HEROVR Provides Experienced Professional Engineers
We can design the product matching and equipment placement of the VR amusement park for you, help you optimize the design of the entire VR zone configuration, and remotely connect to the operation of production equipment at any time.
Our professionals are ready to provide excellent engineering support to help you get the most out of your VR game rides.

7*24h Service

The Whole Team of HEROVR Will Escort You

We are committed to serving the global consumer and commercial markets through our high-end XR hardware products and advanced cloud XR solutions.

HEROVR Quality Strength

From equipment research and development – appearance design – equipment production – content research and development – equipment debugging – equipment installation – equipment testing, etc.





Equipment R&D





Product Design





Standardized Production Process


→Product Design Process →






VR Content Development





Product Testing Before Delivery





Product Installation





Software Debugging

Why do customers choose HEROVR’s service?

More than 1,200 VR store owners have chosen to cooperate with HEROVR.

Want to quickly open a VR store for your amusement equipment and get a high ROI return? We focus on assisting you in product matching and quality reliable production, we know how to make the VR amusement equipment business easy.


Check out what our customers have to say. Countless popular VR Zone.

Technical support

HEROVR provides all-round equipment technical assistance for VR equipment from the whole process of installation, maintenance, and update. Just to bring you the best

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Supporting a coin/card payment system can be an effective way to manage and streamline the operations of the VR arcade zone. Can also help to Increase efficiency and profitability by providing valuable data on customer behavior and preferences.

free CAD plan and 3D layout design

publicity design support can provide a visual representation of the VR game machine zone, allowing customers to see how the space can be optimized to create an immersive and engaging experience for customers.

“We had some problems with the VR CHAIR When we got it, but they helped us to fix them very fast, really very helpful, and on time. Thank you Mr. Kun”

Jenson Deo


Excelente producto llevo varios años trabajando con ellos y todos es genial, la preventa, venta y el servicio postventa es lo mejor, super recomendados.

Dan Wiley


HERO VR’s Services Always Go Extra Mile

HEROVR will exceed your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring your equipment is delivered on time and meets business needs. Herovr’s goal is to give you peace of mind!

All-in-one turnkey solution
All-round technical service
Win-Win Business Prospects

Herovr is dedicated to taking immersive experiences and your business to the next level.


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