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Professional VR Arcade

China Professional VR Equipment Game Motion Rides Manufacturer, HEROVR Has 6 Series of VR Arcade Machines to Provide Support for Your Game Center.

Racing VR

Racing VR



360 VR

360 VR



5D 7D Cinema

5D 7D Cinema

Shooting VR

Shooting VR

cotton candy machine
Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Book Your Virtual Journey and explore the unimaginable world of
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HERO has a large amount of exclusive game content, and is committed to improving customer experience and re-experience rate.

vr cinema
vr shooting game
vr puzzle game

HEROVR- A reliable China-made VR equipment factory


We Are A Full-Service
VR Arcade Supplier

HEROVR will exceed your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring your equipment is delivered on time and meets business needs. Herovr’s goal is to give you peace of mind!

VR Ride Procurement Planning Guidance

  1. Site selection: Analyze the most popular VR THEME PARK for you, attract more people, and achieve profitability.
  2. VR arcade Technical guidance: Provide comprehensive assistance with installation, maintenance, updates, modifications, etc
  3. Management suggestions: Provide professional advice to help you maximize your benefits.
  4. Provide calculation of investment return rate: To achieve low cost and high income for you.
  5. Maintain openness and cooperation dialogue with HEROVR’s customers, Adhering to a complaint rate of 0%.


VR Store Operational guidance

  1. Provide you with detailed operation VR park guidance for free, achieving low cost and high return.
  2. Choose a combination of high occupancy and strong stickiness VR arcade for you to achieve quick cost recovery.


VR Theme Park Site Planning

We provide professional VR arcade equipment CAD/3D layout design and promotional design support for your pre-planning. We will customize a set of VR zone plans to maximize space utilization and achieve profitability for you.


After Sales Service

  1. Provide 7 * 24-hour after-sales service. One-year warranty and lifelong maintenance.
  2. Support remote upgrade, optimization, and repair.
  3. Online monitoring of faults. When there are problems, we will assist customers in troubleshooting as soon as possible.
  4. Provide VR arcade installation services. Provide installation instructions and videos, as well as online guidance from professional
    VR technical personnel. We can provide on-site installation, and customers need to bear the cost of food, accommodation, and transportation for technical personnel.


HEROVR Quality Strength

From equipment research and development – appearance design – equipment production – content research and development – equipment debugging – equipment installation – equipment testing, etc.





Equipment R&D





Product Design





Standardized Production Process


→Product Design Process →






VR Content Development





Product Testing Before Delivery





Product Installation





Software Debugging

Happy Cooperation

The entire R&D and sales team has more than 10 years of industry experience for VR Arcade & VR Park. Customer Service Should Not Be A Department. It Should Be The Entire Company.

Return on investment

What is the investment and return for a bottled water business?


How to develop the right marketing strategy for your VR arcade.


Choose the appropriate VR device according to different application sites.

Plant layout

The professional team design CAD site planning and 3D drawings


HeroVR have professional production line planning to match customized needs

Testing Equipment

The equipment has undergone a 72h non-stop multi-plate test to ensure normal operation.


Arrange low-cost shipping to save your logistic cost.


Technicians remotely guide installation services and on-site installation services.

7 * 24h Service

Professional sales and technical team respond efficiently and provide services 7*24 hours


Good Enough is Not Enough - HEROVR Trustable VR Arcade Game Machine
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HERO VR’s Services Always Go Extra Mile

HEROVR will exceed your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring your equipment is delivered on time and meets business needs. Herovr’s goal is to give you peace of mind!

All-in-one turnkey solution
All-round technical service
Win-Win Business Prospects

Herovr is dedicated to taking immersive experiences and your business to the next level.