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HEROVR VR Esports Arena

Free Roam Equipment

Good equipment is key in making the most of the experience; it plays a major role in creating a truly immersive world for the user.


Wireless VR headset: Meta/Pico/HTC (4 pcs)

Host PC(VR games) : PC Compatible(4 pcs)

Gun Simulator : PP Gun(4 pcs)

Router : ASUS

PC (control/spectator) : PC Compatible


Wires & accessories

Gaming Experience

Central control/spectator/Registration of virtual and real objects

Herovr Arena provides the most authentic and captivating untethered VR experience powered by Herovr ’s leading hyper HEROVR Arena technology and gaming solution. Experience the thrill and excitement of the virtual world with the ultimate multiplayer Herovr Arena VR experience. The boundless world of virtual reality calls out to you on this mind-blowing journey to the next level.

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The future of entertainment is here! VR Arena, Multiplayer, Virtual Reality.


Low cost, High Returns Business Model.

  • Compact and scalable: 4 players, 25-64sqm Column and pillars accommodated.
  • Easy deployment: Quick deployment, centralized control, adapting to any venues.
  • Low maintenance: Intuitive interface, easy to operate and maintain.
  • 24/7 after sales service: Outstanding service and support keep you operational 24/7.
Vr Escape Room



7 x 24 after-sales service
Online Troubleshooting
Repair parts sent by DHL
remote repair
Senior technicians go abroad to install equipment

HEROVR Free Roam Competitiveness

Wireless and lightweight

With no wires to hold you back in a massive and well-equipped arena

Easy deplovment

Easy deployment and high compatibility.

Premium experience

A great library of premium content with copyrights

turnkey solution

A cost-effective solution brings quicker ROI

Advanced Features of  VR Arena

HEROVR’s leading hyper VR Arena technology and gaming solution.

Compact and scalable

The play area starts from 25 sqm to 64 sqm for 4 players.
It can accommodate columns or pillars inside the area so it simply fits anywhere!

Compact and scalable

5G Cloud solution

The wireless solution comes with strong coverage and fast connection. The inside out tracking system provides a unique experience to the players who can move freely.

5d Cloud solution

A Great Library of VR Games

HEROVR has a fast-growing library filled with different types of VR games. and the system has 4 PVP and 5 PVE VR games for multiplayer gaming.

Great Library VR Games

Turnkey VR&Quicker ROI

HEROVR provides a true turnkey solution thatis easy to install and simple to manage. ltbrings a quicker ROl with efficiency operation and high throughput.

Turnkey VR

Premium Experience – Standard
New adventure with replay value!

A multiplayer HEROVR Arena VR experience allows you to explore the best of VR on your terms. With no wires or other equipment holding you back, you can enjoy any of HEROVR games to the fullest. Here’s the standard content package we provide to bring your customer an amazing experience.













The HEROVR VR Arena To Suit Any Fun Venue

HEROVR Arena can transform any venues into a fully interactive VR experience zone. Packed with a collection of multiplayer games as well as non-violent family-friendly games, operators can adopt a revenue model for team-based or family-based packages.

Happy Cooperation

The entire R&D and sales team has more than 7 years of industry experience for VR Arcade & VR Park. Customer Service Should Not Be A Department. It Should Be The Entire Company.

Return on investment

What is the investment and return for a bottled water business?


How to develop the right marketing strategy for your VR arcade.


Choose the appropriate VR device according to different application sites.

Plant layout

The professional team design CAD site planning and 3D drawings


HeroVR have professional production line planning to match customized needs

Testing Equipment

The equipment has undergone a 72h non-stop multi-plate test to ensure normal operation.


Arrange low-cost shipping to save your logistic cost.


Technicians remotely guide installation services and on-site installation services.

7 * 24h Service

Professional sales and technical team respond efficiently and provide services 7*24 hours

HEROVR Quality Strength

From equipment research and development – appearance design – equipment production – content research and development – equipment debugging – equipment installation – equipment testing, etc.




Equipment R&D





Product Design





Standardized Production Process


→Product Design Process →






VR Content Development





Product Testing Before Delivery





Product Installation





Software Debugging

HERO VR’s Services Always Go Extra Mile

HEROVR will exceed your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring your equipment is delivered on time and meets business needs. Herovr’s goal is to give you peace of mind!

All-in-one turnkey solution
All-round technical service
Win-Win Business Prospects

Herovr is dedicated to taking immersive experiences and your business to the next level.