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China Professional VR Amusement Park Rides Motion Game Equipment Manufacturer, HEROVR Has 6 Series of VR Arcade Machines to Provide Support for Your Theme Park.

Child VR Bungee

Whether you considering opening a brand-new XR arcade or retrofitting an existing arcade, integrating it into a bowling alley, amusement park, or family entertainment center as part of upgrading, our proposed plans of opening a VR Game Zone Center could be a good reference for you.

HEROVR’s Robust Capabilities Behind Numbers

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Guangzhou Xiechuang Culture Media Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the R&D of XR software, hardware, and content.

We are committed to serving the global consumer and commercial market with our high-end XR hardware products and advanced cloud XR solutions. We also actively promote the participation of more and more developers to contribute to the development of the XR ecosystem.

With our strengths in the XR industry, we offer a location-based XR Solution to help you open a Meta Bar, which is a location-based XR arcade that brings a fully immersive experience to everyone.

  • VR Amusement Park Ride Turnkey Solution
  • R&D team OEM customization service
  • Over 1200 Business Owners Trust Us

Why Choose HEROVR?

Return on investment

What is the investment and return for a bottled water business?


How to develop the right marketing strategy for your VR arcade.


Choose the appropriate VR device according to different application sites.

Plant layout

The professional team design CAD site planning and 3D drawings


HeroVR have professional production line planning to match customized needs

Testing Equipment

The equipment has undergone a 72h non-stop multi-plate test to ensure normal operation.


Arrange low-cost shipping to save your logistic cost.


Technicians remotely guide installation services and on-site installation services.

7 * 24h Service

Professional sales and technical team respond efficiently and provide services 7*24 hours

Expert Technical Support

With a group of dedicated and competent engineers and technicians, RapidDirect can help tackle your concerns with proactive and professional support 24/7.

1-on-1 Technical Support
Professional Design Support
Elite Engineers & Technicians

Strict Quality Control

We follow a strict quality control system to ensure that high-quality VR equipment is safe and reliable for manned operation.

ISO 9001-certified factory
strict manufacturing standards
advanced facilities


From the product’s patented appearance design to the exclusive game content, HEROVR will combine the highest quality materials with the most advanced technology to ensure that the product is both eye-catching and profitable. Encourage your customers to play once and want to experience the second time, and increase the replay rate of the product. All-weather professional technicians provide you with equipment that combines product quality and play experience.


HEROVR Provides Experienced Professional Engineers
We can design the product matching and equipment placement of the VR amusement park for you, help you optimize the design of the entire VR zone configuration, and remotely connect to the operation of production equipment at any time.
Our professionals are ready to provide excellent engineering support to help you get the most out of your VR game rides.

More than 1,200 VR store owners have chosen to cooperate with HEROVR.

Want to quickly open a store for your amusement park equipment and get a good ROI return? We focus on assisting you in product matching and quality reliable production, we know how to make the amusement equipment business easy.

customer location shop

The manufacturer’s service is very good. If you don’t understand, you can immediately communicate with the phone. The vr equipment is easy to operate and has a good experience.


Potego Charles

VR Shop Owner

customer location shop india

This supplier has a lot of products, and the sales staff are also very good. They helped me introduce the products very well and provided good site planning suggestions for my amusement park. After the decoration according to the drawings they helped design, my amusement park became very cool.

Paul Nyongesa

VR Shop Owner

customer feedback

Compared with several companies, this one is very professional, provides a lot of information, has a high replay rate of the equipment, and customers are willing to recharge the card, which is not bad.



Don Tigert

CEo, apple inc


Our VR Ride has been exported to
more than 132 countries and exported
abroad with our brand. The annual turnover
reaches 50 million yuan and rises every year.
Our products are well evaluated
by foreign customers.

HERO VR’s Services Always Go Extra Mile

All-in-one turnkey solution
All-round technical service
Win-Win Business Prospects

Herovr is dedicated to taking immersive experiences and your business to the next level.