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HEROVR AAA Credit Rating Enterprise

HEROVR High-Tech Enterprises

HEROVR High-Tech Enterprises

HEROVR AAA Credit Rating Enterprise

HEROVR AAA Credit Rating Enterprise

HEROVR Integrity China Certificate (4)
HEROVR Integrity China Certificate (3)
HEROVR Integrity China Certificate (2)
HEROVR Integrity China Certificate

Qualification system

CE Certificate


The CE marking serves as a trade passport within the European marketplace, allowing manufacturers to freely circulate certified products within the 30 countries that comprise the EEA. It certifies that our VR arcade meets the health, safety, and environmental protection standards set by the European Union (EU).

Management System



This certification is a quality management standard that demonstrates our commitment to meeting customer requirements and continuously improving our VR Manufacturer processes.



HERO VR factory owns nearly 50 national intellectual property patents and invention patents. Copyright games and appearance patents are protected and clients should use our authorized versions of the games and appearances, this can help to ensure protect the client’s brand reputation and market position.

HEROVR Utility Model Patents

HEROVR Utility model patents 4
HEROVR Utility model patents3
HEROVR Utility model patents
HEROVR Utility model patents
HEROVR Utility model patents

HEROVR Software Copyright Patent

Herovr Software Copyright 3
Herovr Software Copyright 1
Herovr Software Copyright 2
Herovr Software Copyright 9

HEROVR Appearance Patent

VR Ride Appearance Patent
VR Seat Appearance Patent
Ski VR Appearance Patent
Ski VR Appearance Patent
Sing VR Appearance Patent


Guangzhou Xiechuang Culture Media Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the R&D of XR software, hardware, and content.

We are committed to serving the global consumer and commercial market with our high-end XR hardware products and advanced cloud XR solutions. We also actively promote the participation of more and more developers to contribute to the development of the XR ecosystem.

With our strengths in the XR industry, we offer a location-based XR Solution to help you open a Meta Bar, which is a location-based XR arcade that brings a fully immersive experience to everyone.

  • VR Amusement Park Ride Turnkey Solution
  • R&D team OEM customization service
  • Over 1000 Business Owners Trust Us

HEROVR Quality Strength

From equipment research and development – appearance design – equipment production – content research and development – equipment debugging – equipment installation – equipment testing, etc.





Equipment R&D





Product Design





Standardized Production Process


→Product Design Process →






VR Content Development





Product Testing Before Delivery





Product Installation





Software Debugging

HEROVR- A Reliable China-Made Equipment VR Manufacturer


R & D Equipment


After-Services Satisfaction

Quality VR Manufacturer

HEROVR factory team are Control the details and strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system standard in each process. The power platform has passed the quality standard certification of the Quality Supervision Bureau, and the whole machine has passed the type test certification

Software Technology

Our VR factory has its own R&D team and independently develops software content, including game development and system development, high-definition picture quality, and high matching of action and sound effects. And supports all languages.

Reliable VR Equipment

Every piece of VR equipment can be traced back to the entire production process. Before delivery, it will go through 48-78 hours of continuous motion stability testing. Bubble film, stretch film, and solid wooden boxes are used for transportation to ensure that the equipment is not damaged.

National high-tech enterprise technology certification

As a recognition of the enterprise, the high-tech enterprise certificate proves that our VR Manufacturer continues to carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements, forming core independent intellectual property rights.

Expert Technical Support

With a group of dedicated and competent engineers and technicians, RapidDirect can help tackle your concerns with proactive and professional support 24/7.

1-on-1 Technical Support
Professional Design Support
Elite Engineers & Technicians

Strict Quality Control

We follow a strict quality control system to ensure that high-quality VR equipment is safe and reliable for manned operation.

ISO 9001-certified factory
strict VR Manufacturer standards
advanced facilities

Discuss VR products


Procurement Planning Scheme Guidance

  • Maintain openness and cooperation dialogue with customers. Maximizing customer benefits and adhering to a complaint rate of 0%.
  • VR equipment Technical Guidance: Provide comprehensive assistance with installation, maintenance, updates, modifications, etc.
  • Management suggestions. HERO VR factory provides professional advice to help you maximize your manufacturing process and benefits.
  • Provide calculation of investment return rate. To achieve low cost and high income for you.
  • Maintain openness and cooperation dialogue with customers. Maximizing customer benefits and adhering to a complaint rate of 0%.


Common Questions

Want to quickly open a VR store for your amusement equipment and get a high ROI return? We focus on assisting you in product matching and quality reliable production, we know how to make the VR amusement equipment business easy.

Site Planning

We provide free CAD/3D layout design and promotional design support for your pre planning. We will customize a set of plans to maximize space utilization and achieve profitability for you.

Operational guidance

Provide you with detailed operation guidance for free, achieving low cost and high return. Choose a combination of high occupancy and strong stickiness products for you to achieve quick cost recovery.

After Sales Service

1. Provide 7 * 24 hour after-sales service. One year warranty and lifelong maintenance. 2. Support remote upgrade, optimization, and repair. 3. Online monitoring of faults. When there are problems, we will assist customers in troubleshooting as soon as possible. 4. Provide installation services. Provide installation instructions and videos, as well as online guidance from professional technical personnel. We can provide on-site installation.

7*24h Service

The Whole Team of HEROVR Will Escort You

We are committed to serving the global consumer and commercial markets through our high-end XR hardware products and advanced cloud XR solutions.

HERO VR’s Services Always Go Extra Mile

HEROVR will exceed your high expectations for quality and service, ensuring your equipment is delivered on time and meets business needs. Herovr’s goal is to give you peace of mind!

All-in-one turnkey solution

All-round technical service

Win-Win Business Prospects

Herovr is dedicated to taking immersive experiences and your business to the next level.