19th Shenzhen Cultural Industry Fair: HEROVR VR Robotic Arm Gains Favor and Acclaim!

Jun 16, 2023

HEROVR Flying Theater Project At The “Digital China” Exhibition

HEROVR in China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo (ICIF)

Exhibition Design

  • HEROVR Booth No. : Halla3.2 Booth E601
  • Date: Jun,7th-11th, 2023
  • Time:  AM 9:30 – PM 18:00
  • ADD: Digital China Booth 9B10, Hall 9, Convention and Exhibition Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Flying Cinema WOWS At “Digital China”

At the exhibition, HEROVR utilized VR robotic arms in conjunction with flying ring screen theaters and theater projects, delivering an immersive digital viewing experience to both domestic and international customers. The exceptional attention received from CCTV 13 further underscored the significance of their presentation. The VR robotic arm flying theater became a major attraction at the exhibition, drawing crowds of visitors eager to experience it firsthand. This effectively showcased the cultural innovation in the AI era, aligning with the overarching theme of the “Digital China” exhibition area.

HEROVR Robotic Arms

HEROVR’s VR manipulator flying theater product featured at ICIF was an innovative model capable of offering comprehensive entertainment experiences for movies and games. Beyond its applications in flying ring screen theaters and VR immersive experiences, the product also found utility in areas such as racing simulations and flight simulations.

HEROVR committed to the development of virtual simulation technologies like VR/AR/MR

Moving forward, HEROVR remains committed to the development of virtual simulation technologies like VR/AR/MR. We will continue to launch more industrial product applications, using high-quality equipment and comprehensive solutions to create a sustainable and profitable virtual reality experience brand for their customers.

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