VR Park Beginner’s Professional Guide(HEROVR)

Jun 7, 2024

How to start a VR park ? VR Beginner’s Guide(HEROVR)

How to choose the VR venue?

Check whether there are many people in the restaurants and entertainment rooms in the shopping mall, and how much traffic there is.
Regarding the size of the venue, we recommend that friends who are doing VR business for the first time choose a venue of 20-85 square meters.The overall investment budget is between $17,300 and $46,000.

VR Park Reference Plan

Case 1. VR Zone 25 square meters (L 6.1*W4.6 M)

Equipment List:VR 360 Rotation Two Seats、VR Starcraft 4 Seater.

(CAD drawing)

(3D CAD drawing)

Business situation: Investment of 23,600 USD, one ticket in India costs 2-2.5 USD. The customer invested in the first VR store many years ago, and the income is stable until now.

Case 2. VR Zone 30 square meters(L6.0*W5.0 M)

Equipment List:VR 360 Rotation Two Seats、VR Egg Machine(The most classic Plan)

(3D CAD drawing)

Business situation: 17,300 USD. The customer chose the center of the shopping mall. Everyone will pass by this place. There is a lot of traffic. It costs 5 USD for one person and 8 USD for two people to play together. The money was recovered quickly after two months of operation.

Case 3. VR Zone 85 square meters(L5.9*W14.5 M)

Equipment List:
VR 360 Rotation Two Seats、VR Battle 、Baby Bear *4、VR Egg Machine 、VR Racing*2

(CAD drawing)

(3D CAD drawing)

Business situation: With an investment of 45,200 USD, VR is combined with an arcade to form a VR center room and a coffee shop. If the customer purchases a 60-minute VR experience ticket, a cup of designated coffee can be given as a gift for combined marketing. When most players choose leisure and entertainment projects on weekends, they first choose to drink a cup of coffee and kill time with arcade games.

Case 4. VR Park 55 square meters(L10*W5.5M)

Equipment List:VR 360 Rotation Two Seats、VR Egg Machine、3 screen Racing car、VR motor

(CAD drawing)

(3D CAD drawing)

Business situation: Investment of 36,400 USD, combined with other sports-type entertainment equipment, combined with various types of equipment to attract more players to experience, and create a diversified entertainment trend hall.

Case 5. VR Park 78 square meters(L15.0*W5.2M)

Equipment List:
VR 360 Rotation Two Seats、VR Battle 、VR Helicopter、VR Egg Machine.

(3D CAD drawing)

Business situation: With an investment of 32,000 USD, the customer chose a children’s VR helicopter, which is specifically for children; VR 360 Rotation is specifically for young people, and players will scream when playing, which plays a good role in attracting traffic; VR Egg Machine is for all ages. ; VR Battle is specifically aimed at young people and adults. It is a highly sticky VR shooting game. Shooting games will never go out of style.

Case 6. VR Park 35 square meters(L8.4*W4.1 M)

Equipment List:VR STAR DESTORYER、VR 360 Rotation Two Seats、VR Battle 、VR Helicopter.

(3D CAD drawing)

VR Park Site Design(HEROVR)

We have a one-stop service, including design services. Our design team can make CAD drawings based on your site size and actual conditions and make 3D renderings for you after confirming the order.

VR Park Product Mix(HEROVR)

The most popular combination for VR Beginner.

NO. Item Budget(USD) Advantages
VR 360 Rotation2.0、VR Egg Machine

17300 1. The most classic and smallest investment method with the lowest risk.
2. Suitable for all ages, with rich videos, and high customer repurchase rate.
3. Both devices have 2 seats and can collect 4 tickets at a time, making profits faster.
VR 360 Rotation1.0、VR Egg Machine、VR Helicopter

19000 1. Increased the audience (children).
2. Compared with other VR equipment, it occupies a smaller area and rents less.
3.Players can choose more and more players to experience and then you can increase the income.
VR 360 Rotation1.0、VR Helicopter、VR Bungee、VR Racing

34000 1. Focus on stimulating effect and drainage effect.
2. VR bungee jumping and VR helicopter are unique, occupy the market, and have stronger appeal.
3. VR racing enhances customer stickiness and promotes continuous repurchase by customers.
VR 360 Rotation2.0、VR Battle、VR Bungee、VR Racing、
VR Egg machine

46500 1、The 80-square-meter venue contains all types of VR equipment, such as shooting, stimulation, cinema leisure, racing, and sports.
2、Suitable for family entertainment and various group activities, all types of players can accept these VR devices.
3、It is more conducive to daily marketing and increasing your brand effect.

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If you are also planning to build a VR center venue and are confused about the steps, don’t hesitate to leave your contact information. We will contact you in time and give you more inspiration and ideas through more cases and We will give you some suggestions based on our experience. We hope this can help you. I also hope that we can cooperate with various friends to create an interactive VR experience center.

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