How To Choose A Suitable VR Glasses?

Aug 11, 2023

How to choose a suitable VR glasses?

There are many kinds of VR glasses in the market, some are high-quality and some are low-quality. After a lot of screening, we have selected some VR glasses with high cost performance. Our company is also engaged in the VR industry and has high requirements for VR glasses. In order to give customers the best experience, we hope to give you some references.

1. What indicators can I refer to when choosing VR glasses?

When choosing VR glasses, we generally refer to factors such as applicable age, service life, lightness, lenses, and resolution.

There is no age limit for application.

There is no restrictive requirement on the applicable age. Generally, it is suitable for over 6 years old. The applicable age for different VR glasses is different. Some VR glasses are suitable for over 3 years old. For children aged 3-6, VR can provide physical Immersive learning experience, such as exploring virtual scenes, watching animated stories, learning colors and shapes, etc., but you need to pay attention to whether the quality and content of the product are suitable for children’s age and cognitive level, and must be accompanied by adults to use.

Service Life of VR Glasses

If it is used frequently, the service life of VR glasses is about 3 years, but it can be used for 5 years or more if it is well protected daily; if it is only used for home entertainment, it will not be damaged without artificial damage. Therefore, the service life of VR glasses depends on the quality of each product.

VR Glasses Weight

The weight is related to whether we feel uncomfortable after wearing the VR helmet, which affects the wearer’s overall feeling and gaming experience, so this will be one of the important factors for buyers to consider VR glasses. Because the experience is not good, it will make the player feel uncomfortable. If the VR glasses are heavy, the player may have a headache and be more prone to dizziness during the experience.

VR glasses lenses

Most of the VR glasses lenses on the market are anti-blue light, because this plays a role in protecting the glasses, and most of them use the classic Fresnel lens, which has no stray light and no motion sickness compared to other lenses .

VR glasses resolution

Resolution is the most important factor in choosing VR glasses. The higher the resolution, the higher the definition, but it often means higher price; for technology enthusiasts, the pursuit of resolution is their primary factor, but as The average buyer, we can buy at an average level, with a resolution of up to 1080×1200 pixels per eye, which is 2160×1200 pixels, which is enough to provide a highly realistic experience.

Are there any adverse reactions after wearing the VR glasses?

Many people worry about a problem when buying VR glasses, will VR glasses hurt the eyes? This problem has already been shown by experiments. Wearing VR glasses is far less harmful to the eyes than other electronic products. But under this premise, the product you choose is better, the viewing angle must be large enough, and the resolution must be sufficient. High, the same is true for the refresh rate, and the higher the configuration, the more friendly it is to glasses. In addition, it is also very important to control the time well, after all, it is also a category of electronic products. It is best to take a break every half hour to an hour.
A small number of people will feel dizzy when wearing VR glasses. This is related to the quality of the product, the quality of the film, and personal physical fitness. For most buyers in the VR industry, in order to prevent these problems, when they choose VR glasses,they should not only pay attention to product quality, but also consider the quality of movies provided by VR companies.

Check the strength of the factory

The strength of the factory affects the quality of the product. For export companies, whether they have the ISO9001 quality management system certification is very important. Is the content of the film produced by the IT team of the VR company high-quality? What is the service level of the factory? What is the quality of the materials used in the factory? Most of these factors are buyers’ doubts, and these factors are worthy of consideration by buyers.

Glasses Category
More than 90% of the amusement parks and simulators on the market are using DPVR E3C.
A wireless VR glasses, suitable for game consoles with large dynamic range, such as dancing machines. It is also suitable for family entertainment.
The device offers a comfortable halo-style headband for easy donning and temporary removal. It also includes additional headsets for spatial audio. Ongoing support for wireless adapters that allow for high-fidelity, low-latency streaming of VR content
The latest product of VR glasses, suitable for various game consoles and home entertainment, with a wide range of applications, and higher definition than other VR glasses, high fidelity, moderate price.
Virtual Screen Sizes
3.5mm Audio Port
Private Mold
Virtual Screen Sizes
Private Mold
Graphics Card
VR handle
Battery Hour
Virtual Screen Size
Model Number
Refresh Rate
Field of view
Glasses Type
Diopter adjustment
IPD adjustment
3.5mm earphones
3DOF controllers
Power supply
According to multiple screening, we recommend a new VR glasses HROVR3 with the highest cost performance. Because this kind of glasses is the highest in terms of resolution, and the price is medium, not the most expensive nor the cheapest, and it also has anti-blue Fresnel lenses, double aspheric lenses, brighter and clearer.

HROVR3 advantages

Crystal clear

  • 1078 PPI
  • 294400 pixels
  • 3200*1600 high resolution

Diopter adjustment

  • 0-800 degree, user-friendly to the short-sighted.

Ultra Lightweight

  • less than 130g
  • comfortable to wear

High Reliability

  • Durable wires, anti-tangle
  • Materials of strong and firm quality

Immersive Viewing & Gaming

  • Your personal IMAX cinema
  • Support mainstream VR video/game applications
  • PC connection, to play various Steam games.

Location-based VR

  • With its small size, light weight and high resolution, Hero 3 has a wide application in B2B field , especially in LBVR
  • HerovR 3 brings comfortable wearing experience, and greatly improves operation efficiency and reduces costs

HEROVR3 glasses are developed by our HEROVR company. Our factory was established in 2016, a high-tech company specializing in the R&D of XR software, hardware and contents. We are committed to serving the global consumer and commercial market with our high-end XR hardware products and advanced cloud XR solutions. We also actively promote the participation of more and more developers to contribute to the development of XR ecosystem.

We have a professional technical team and have done research and research based on multiple glasses on the market to develop the new VR glasses.

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