How To Start A VR Center ?

Dec 2, 2023

How to start a VR center ?

Confirm the size and location of the VR Center venue.

self-constructed venue

Customers need to provide CAD drawings of the dimensions of their own site and take photos of the site. We provide free plans based on the drawings and issue a CAD drawing and matching instructions to the customer.

Rental venues (shopping malls, cultural tourism destinations, FEC, VR center)

Shopping malls: Customers need to discuss leasing matters with shopping malls and other places. For example, shopping malls mainly refer to the flow of people in restaurants and entertainment venues. These two factors have a certain impact on business.
Cultural tourism destinations, FEC, and VR center: these places usually on the first floor. Avoid choosing some remote places. It is best to choose an area that everyone will pass by.

So you can send photos of the venue and measure the dimensions to us, we will provide free venue matching plans based on the types of shops around the venue and the orientation of the entrance.

Find brand your owners

3D exhibition VR Center

The design team can simulate the equipment graphics after modeling based on the customer’s CAD site map, conduct free online design, and support the deployment of renderings in the 3D exhibition hall after confirming the order.

Design VR Center  Showroom

The R&D team can provide an electronic version of the VR experience showroom to allow customers to understand the brand more intuitively. Games are adapted for each age group based on the layout of the entire venue.

Estimated VR Equipment Shipping Cost

Professional freight forwarders who can quickly provide container calculations, provide container matching solutions and quickly calculate the freight to the port and the door.

Provide installation guidance and provide 24/7 service

There is a lot of equipment for the entire venue, and after-sales service is also a key consideration. After-sales service can provide installation guidance and provide 24/7 service to solve problems promptly.

One-stop VR center venue plans and corresponding quotation lists

Professional foreign trade salesmen can communicate in-depth with customers, cooperate with various departments, and provide one-stop venue plans and corresponding quotation lists for free.

(Our HEROVR meets the above points and has better service and product quality. We have appeared on CCTV many times, cooperated with China Telecom for development, formed partners with Toyota, etc., and have been recognized in all aspects. We believe that we can provide you with the most cost-effective products and the best services.)

HEROVR VR equipment investment expenses


We have made many venue plans for our customers. Common venue sizes include 30㎡, 60㎡, 100㎡, 200-300㎡, and 1000㎡. Customers can choose products based on their budget and the price of the VR company’s products they choose. The following is a table of budgets for HEROVR products and each plan.

Size Cost(Budget) Cost(Budget)
Size 28000 USD Cost(Budget)
60㎡ 35000-42000 USD 4-5
100㎡ 48000-55000 USD 6-7
200-300㎡ 97000-125000 USD 11-12

Case verification

For reference only, welcome to consult us for more solutions.

Confirm VR product selection

Understand all product categories of the brand
Taking HEROVR as an example, our categories are divided into shooting categories, children’s categories, cinema categories, excitement categories, racing categories, and new categories.
For large venues, the number of the same type of equipment should not exceed 2, and there is usually a larger equipment in the middle.


Initial VR Center CAD drawings formed

Our designers will match the venue according to the products selected by the customer, the proportions of the drawings provided, and the specific conditions of the venue such as pillars and entrances. We will also set up the front desk and rest area based on a comprehensive analysis of the size of the venue.

VR Park Venue matching

Determine the type of venue

Positioning function (doorway, corner, center)

Drainage products are generally placed at the door;
Products with high attendance rates are generally placed in the center;
Children’s products are generally placed in the corners, to ensure the safety of children.

The role of various types of VR equipment

Drainage products: (360 Rotation, VR Dancing, three-screen Racing)
Function 1. It usually uses various senses of the human body to attract people. It reaches people’s ears through the screaming effect, and people come after hearing the sound. It reaches people’s eyes through dynamic effects such as 360° rotation. People can intuitively see and Feel the excitement and be eager to try.
Function 2: People will take photos and videos to share, which increases natural traffic.
Sticky products: (VR Sniper, VR Battle field, VR Space 4 player, VR Arena, VR escape room)
Shooting games include the nature of competition and level-breaking, and have rankings. Players will have the urge to continue to challenge, maintain relationships with customers, and let customers continue to consume.
Innovative products: (VR bungee jumping, VR helicopter, VR Basketball)
Create differentiated products, monopolize the market, and increase the visibility of the venue.
Products with high attendance: (VR capsule, VR Star Destroyer, VR Warship, VR Star craft)
It is usually a large-scale, multi-seat device that can collect multiple tickets at one time and generates revenue quickly.
Products with high replay rates: (9D VR cinema, 5D cinema) are all interactive and leisure products. There are more than 100 types of games, so customers repurchase them twice or three times. Therefore, these products have a high replay rate and can generate stable income.
Educational products: (Baby Bear, AR Robot, Attendant-free VR)
These are children’s products that stimulate children’s brains through high-tech technology, increase children’s knowledge and stimulate interest through virtual visualization scenes.

Confirm VR Equipment shipping costs

Leave professional matters to professionals. Based on the final confirmed products, we will work with long-term professional freight forwarders to calculate how many containers are needed. It is more cost-effective for customers to choose the whole container or grouped containers. After confirming the order, the transportation costs will be reimbursed in real terms to strive for the best rights for customers.

Time plan

It takes about three months from the selection of equipment to the opening of the venue. Here is an example for your reference.
Give an example:
12.25 Expected to open the venue
12.18 The goods arrive at the destination (because there is a lot of equipment, allow one week for installation)
11.3 Start transportation (generally choose sea shipping, shipping time is generally 45-60 days)
10.28 Start Production (for multiple devices, the production cycle is 15 days)
10.10 Find equipment, ask the supplier to produce CAD drawings provide a one-stop venue plan, and confirm the order.

Formulate renderings

If the customer need it, we will make renderings based on the actual situation. It is helpful for customers to customize posters for subsequent publicity. The following are renderings of customer-customized venues we have cooperated with.

VR Center 1

VR Center 2

VR Center 3

If you are also planning to build a VR center venue and are confused about the steps, don’t hesitate to leave your contact information. We will contact you in time and give you more inspiration and ideas through more cases and We will give you some suggestions based on our experience. We hope this can help you. I also hope that we can cooperate with various friends to create an interactive VR experience center.

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