China Telecom 2023 Digital Technology Exhibition Concluded Successfully.

Dec 2, 2023

The charm of science and technology, igniting the scene!2023 Digital Technology  Exhibition!

China Telecom 2023 Digital Technology Exhibition Concluded Successfully.

From November 10th to 12th, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and CHINA TELECOM held the China Telecom 2023 Digital Technology Ecology Exhibition in Area B of the Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center. At this 2023 Digital Technology Ecology Conference, CHINA TELECOM released Tianyi Cloud Intelligence computing platform, basic large model, industry large model, quantum computing cloud platform, AI, VR, Gather together, and new achievements in digital technology will bloom.

Among them, Guangzhou Xiechuang Culture Media Technology Co., Ltd. (HEROVR) is honored to cooperate with China Telecom to display our technology products in the exhibition. The technological charm of HEROVR equipment in the exhibition continues to burst out, attracting countless audiences. Our equipment demonstrates the combination of entertainment and technology, igniting the scene.Let’s review the exhibition together.

2023 Digital Technology Exhibition review

VR Robotic arm

Our disruptive masterpieces were exhibited at the China Telecom Exhibition. Industrial precision machines and VR virtual reality were combined to showcase our scientific and technological achievements, which won the favor of a large number of audiences. It also supports personalized scene customization, whether gliding, racing, leaping and other simulations, all can be satisfied.


NBA China officially authorizes the basketball competition VR machine, which uses technology to create an entertainment basketball machine that allows you to experience the fun of basketball without leaving home. Basketball can be competed online in real time, allowing visitors to feel the heat of the NBA arena at the scene, and fully experience the excellent virtual basketball fun brought by VR technology in the new era!

VR 360°Rotation

This is a product that can tilt at multiple angles. Its cool appearance is popular in the market. It has self-developed multi-degree-of-freedom rotation technology, stable performance and mature technology. There was a constant flow of customers at the booth, stopping to watch or personally experience the many thrilling games such as the roller coaster and the big pendulum, and experience the 360° rotating immersive experience of man-machine integration, satisfying the thrilling experience of extreme sports.

VR Sniper Hero

This product also demonstrates the competitive spirit of technology, and this machine can be networked nationwide, in-store, etc., allowing customers to experience real VR simulated shooting competitions offline, so it is very suitable for holding events. At the scene, we also attracted a large number of player to battle with each other, so the play was very intense.

VR bungee Jumping

VR bungee jumping(2 player) is the first VR bungee jumping equipment in China. During the exhibition, it attracted a large number of exhibitors to queue up to experience it. The bungee jumping technology is constantly updated, the equipment is upgraded, the performance is safe and stable, and the indoor realistic bungee jumping experience is smooth and real. You can enjoy it by wearing VR glasses. The joy brought by the game can truly feel the strong sense of weightlessness brought by flying up and down in the game scene, and the immersive stimulating experience brings all the senses of sight, hearing and touch.

HEROVR’s 2023 Digital Technology Exhibition achievements

With the help of this exhibition platform, HEROVR demonstrated HEROVR’s technological achievements and advantages from the aspects of company profile, product experience, core advantages, technological innovation, etc., attracting many visitors and exhibitors. At the exhibition site, the crowd was bustling and eager to try it, and many visitors showed strong interest in HEROVR products. In the future, we will continue to invest in more innovative technologies for product research and development, continuously improve product quality, and create more competitive products to bring more shocking experiences to the audience and showcase advanced technology. At the successful conclusion of the exhibition, HEROVR sincerely thanks all exhibitors for their support and trust.

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